Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Waves- a Fairy-tale.

Sunny skies,
the voices of children,
and the crashing waves.

"You have a crush."

The waves echoed his words
again and again,
the waves crushed her heart.

She was so far from being an adolescent,
knew black and white
and all the shades of grey.

He gave a new meaning
to everything around her,
to everything within her.
to freedom;
to inner peace,
to yearning,
to dreams
that could never be.

"You have a crush", he said,

She knew right then,
that he will never know
how deeply loved he was

She loved him solely for who he was,
She loved the boy within the man,
And the wise man within the boy.

In him she found herself.
In him she died.
In her he lived forever.

But he will never know.
He will never know...
   *   *   *

Years passed...
The ocean that divides,
Is still deep blue.

The waves crashing
on the shore
Still echo his words.

The tune
he hummed
is still her favorite song.

And forever he will be
the last one she thinks of
before going to sleep,
and the first to come to mind,
when waking up.

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